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Date Entered: 01/24/2017
Subject: TDP Newsletter Vol. 02 No. 107 (Ontario)
Attachment: 152.pdf (Original file name: Vol2no107.pdf)

Newsletter Winter 2016/2017 (Ontario Edition). The appeal period ends in Ontario on February 15th. Time to take action or wear the consequences for the next four years. Nova Scotia also faces a two year assessment increase this year because the base date was changed: their appeal period closes around mid-February too. New Brunswick is next. Our Newsletter has some advice on surviving the storm with sanity intact. Trump That! suggests a way of reducing the risk that your brand new building will arrive just as demand departs. Time to drown your sorrows in the bottle? Perhaps not: but we also look at the growth of Beer Orientated Development in London Ontario and Halifax Nova Scotia: we have a very personal interest, our head office is located at its nexus and our Brokerage Division recently contributed to its expansion. And if all else fails, retire! Our Valuation Division warns you away from accountants: good for counting bodies after the battle, but you wouldn’t want your daughter marrying one, so don’t rely on them to advise you on your real estate.

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