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Date Entered: 10/22/2021
Subject: Real Estate Valuer (CPA)
Attachment: 59.pdf (Original file name: Real Estate Valuer (CPA).pdf)

Looking for a change of direction?  If you are a recently qualified (or about to be qualified) CPA who wants to take a different path with your career, this may be it.

We have carefully assembled a multi-disciplinary team; a smorgasbord of complementary skills, whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Valuation and Property Tax experts are an integral part of that team.  We are looking for additional professionals to join them.

A Chartered Valuation Surveyor blends many disciplines: accounting, legal, planning, building construction, economics, statistics, surveying, valuation, finance, negotiation… this is a career which offers challenge and variety (in spades).  From our offices in Halifax your work will take you throughout Atlantic Canada and Ontario.  It will offer a good balance between office and field work.  The work environment is friendly, supportive and (usually) good fun.  Our IT resources are state of the art.  Check out the Case Studies on our web sites www.turnerdrake.org  and  www.turnerdrake.net, or our corporate web site www.turnerdrake.com, to get a flavour of the scope of work involved.